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Compliance Management: A How-to Guide for Executives, Lawyers, and Other Compliance Professionals


The business climate is profoundly impacted by reputation-affecting scandals, prosecutions and investigations, making the stakes high for companies to have well-trained professionals and rich corporate cultures of “Doing the right thing”. This newly released book on Compliance Management is grounded in ethical foundations and would serve as an important resource for any ethics and compliance class. It offers comprehensive guidance on developing and implementing an effective compliance program. The book is especially beneficial for ‘Business Law’, ‘Governance’ and ‘Compliance’ students as it provides advice on complying with specific regulations.

Written by leading business educator and compliance expert Dr. Singh and former litigator Thomas Bussen, the book combines ethics and compliance expertise with the grit of regulatory insights. The content in the book is presented in an easy to understand format for anyone wanting to learn more about ethics and compliance

Some unique highlights of the book include:


  • First Book: This is one of the first compliance books which comes with a complete set of free resources. Readers can sign up at and get access to interactive videos with key author highlights for each book chapter.
  • Professor Resources: Professors can sign up at to download free power points, discussion questions and quizzes.
  • Guide: Offers a step-by-step guide to creating and managing an effective compliance program.
  • Showcase: Provides the latest best practices in a world of ever-changing regulations.
  • Culture Shaping: Identifies the importance of developing and maintaining a corporate culture of “doing the right thing”, and shows how ethical training improves compliance.
  • Real World Highlights: Features interviews with, and best practices from, top executives, judges, Department of Justice attorneys, and infamous FBI informant Mark Whitacre.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Provides easy to understand overviews and recommendations for complying with specific laws, including labor, international, environmental and more.
  • Blog: To complement the book, we have created a blog which provides cutting edge commentaries on key ethics and compliance issues.


Research shows that ethical, compliant businesses see increased productivity across a range of measurements. This practical guide helps business and law students understand exactly how that goal can be achieved. The book covers an extensive range of ethics and compliance topics that impact businesses today and it identifies critical factors for successful compliance programs. Going well beyond works that speak in general terms about compliance-based actions, this unique volume integrates ethical solutions to compliance challenges and delves into details about specific regulatory issues while providing steps to mitigate risks.