Book Summary

The book is divided into three major sections which take the reader through the foundations of compliance management, critical success factors for compliance management, and an overview to compliance with specific laws.

 Section-1 Importance & Foundations of Compliance Management 

The reader will gain an understanding of the importance of investing in a compliance program and developing a culture of “Doing the Right Thing”. This section also introduces readers to ethical foundations and ethical decision making strategies. Finally the readers will be exposed to the role of corporate governance, corporate responsibility and the importance of Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations in compliance management.

Section-2 Critical Success Factors for Compliance Management

In this section, the reader will develop a better understanding of how to manage and implement an effective compliance program. Specific strategies for managing various facets of a compliance program are outlined.  Examples and best practices are shared with readers to better integrate theory and practice. More specifically, readers learn about critical aspects of compliance management such as training and communication, preventing and investigating fraud, risk management, audit and control, and evaluating compliance program effectiveness.

Section-3 Mitigating Risk: A Brief on compliance with various laws

The reader will gain specific insights into compliance with various laws that govern different aspects of a business undertaking. This section will be useful for both a legal and non-legal audience as it provides an easy to understand and brief overview of compliance with important laws applicable to a variety of organizations and industries. We will cover compliance with laws related to government contracting, international business, money laundering, employment, environment and antitrust issues.